Ultimately, just like the CEOs, CFOs, Board Members and Staff of the hospitals we work with, we serve the nearly 50 million people living in rural America.

Our first and main point of contact is almost always the hospital’s CEO. We work with them on a strategic, consultative level to determine where the RHIA Program can make a significant contribution to their hospital’s success.

Because our team is solely and completely focused on serving rural hospitals, we are highly adept at including and serving the needs of all other stakeholders in decision making and the ongoing management of the programs and services we offer.

One of the most vital ways our experience in navigating the culture and customs within rural hospitals shows up is, we help CEOs avoid surprises in the boardroom.

Is this you?

To a person, the people we serve are utterly devoted to the survival and success of their hospital. They are constantly looking for new and better ways to make the most out of every cent spent in the pursuit of improving the quality of care they deliver and the level of satisfaction their patients experience. They leave no stone un-turned in their pursuit for greater cost control. They are innovative, creative, and open to trying new ideas.

It is important to acknowledge that all of our program participants know they are part of a large, diverse community. They generously share their experience, success and capabilities. And, they know they can count on the support of their community when they need advice and assistance.

The executives, boards and staff behind the success of rural hospitals together form an exceptional community. It’s a community RHIA is proud to serve by strengthening the ties that bind it together and by facilitating an ever-growing amount of cooperation and unity.