You never have to go it alone. RHIA brings rural hospitals together to help them leverage their risk and insurance. This collective buying power gives us the freedom to look beyond any particular set of products and services.

This freedom is foundational to how RHIA defines its role in the national rural hospital community. RHIA is here to ensure all program members prosper by:

  • Leveraging collective buying power
  • Sharing experience and wisdom
  • Transforming risk into an asset

Leveraging Collective Buying Power

One rural hospital negotiating on its own simply does not have the clout a group of rural hospitals has when it comes to getting the best possible value and service from vendors and insurance companies. Membership in RHIA instantly gives your hospital access to the collective buying power of over 80 rural hospitals.

Sharing Experience and Wisdom

RHIA’s program manager, HealthSure, brings 20 years of experience with a singular focus on healthcare and thought leadership. RHIA facilitates the exchange of practical experience, new ideas, and innovative risk and insurance management strategies among community hospitals leaders.

Transforming Risk Into An Asset

Traditional risk avoidance (buying insurance for everything) is dead because community hospitals can no longer afford to outsource all risk to insurers. Besides, if the insurers can make money on covering your risk, and you know your risk better than they do, it stands to reason you can transform your risk into an asset.

This is good news for those taking a modern view and embracing risk as an asset. When you are willing to own some of your risk, you are on the path to achieving sustainable cost control, improved prevention and, ultimately, much greater protection and prosperity.